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  • Private (rank), a military rank
  • Private (rocket), the first American multistage rocket
  • Private (band), a Denmark-based band
  • Private (film), a 2004 Italian film
  • Private (novel series), a young-adult book series launched in 2006
  • Private (web series), a web series based on the novel series
  • Private, a way of encapsulation in object-oriented programming
  • Private, a character from Madagascar
  • Private (novel), a novel by James Patterson
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  • Privates (TV series), a 2013 BBC One TV series
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    Mexico tries to sell presidential jet to Canada; raffle next

    Federal News Radio 29 Jan 2020
    Federal cybersecurity experts share their experiences with the evolution of CDM in this exclusive executive briefing ... The jet is expensive to run and is configured to carry only 80 people, with a full presidential suite with a bedroom and private bath. Experts say it would be too ......

    OFPP’s Wooten pressing the levers to change the tools, rules, talent pools of federal procurement

    Federal News Radio 28 Jan 2020
    Private sector experts from Amazon, Wells Fargo and American Airlines came to the White House yesterday to reveal their secrets to getting more value out of their procurement dollars ... OMB is asking for input from public and private sector experts to help answer an assortment of ......

    Hyderabad: Get ready for an early summer

    Deccan Chronicle 28 Jan 2020
    Hyderabad. The mercury crossed the 33º Celsius mark on Tuesday and the city, which had a mild winter, could be staring at an early summer that could very well begin in February ... Experts from Skymet, a private weather forecasting agency, said that there were chances that the temperature could drop marginally after 48 hours ... .......

    Chandigarh: Crores you paid in taxes go down the drain in name of consultancy

    Indian Express 28 Jan 2020
    But regardless of their in-house experts, the engineering wing paid Rs 70,000 to a Delhi-based firm for advice on installing a firefighting system at Panchayat Bhawan in Sector 18 ... Several experts have question the rationale behind hiring private experts. “Engineers are suppose to be experts in their fields....

    Modern science unwraps Takabuti's grisly end after 2,600 years - mummy was stabbed in back

    Irish Independent 28 Jan 2020
    ... of academic experts determined to solve the mystery of her death. Experts from National Museums NI, University of Manchester, Queen's University Belfast and Kingsbridge Private Hospital in Belfast now believe the mummy was murdered, having suffered a fatal stab wound to the back....

    To keep cyber workers, Army opens up its wallet

    Federal News Radio 28 Jan 2020
    The Army is taking a page right out of that script to offer service members and civilians bonuses to keep their skill sets in-house and away from the alluring private sector ... Once the Army trains those experts, the concern is losing them to private sector jobs....

    Helicopter crashes like the one that claimed Kobe Bryant are becoming less common — but that could change

    Market Watch 28 Jan 2020
    But the uptick in private helicopter usage could make traveling the skies more dangerous, some aviation experts say ... Of these, 907 (or 17.8%) involved fatalities ... Some aviation experts and lawmakers have warned that the increased use of helicopters — particularly as a means of commuting — could make it more dangerous to fly ... in recent years ... ....

    SEBI panel tightens grip on related party norms

    Business Line 28 Jan 2020
    Soon, holding 20 per cent stake in a company will come under related party ambit ... Though it’s not clear on institutional/portfolio investments, experts believe private equity, LIC, domestic institutional investors and foreign portfolio investors may be affected, as some of them hold sizeable stakes in a few companies ... .......

    Fianna Fáil plan set to freeze public service pay, Taoiseach claims

    The Irish Times 28 Jan 2020
    The union said this was at a time when the Central Statistics Office had maintained that average private sector earnings rose by nearly 4 per cent in the year to September 2019, and when experts, including the union-backed Nevin Economic Research Institute, were predicting annual wage growth of 3.5 per cent or more in the coming years ...  . ....

    Auburn-Haired Female Mummy Takabuti Died A Violent Death, Experts Reveal

    IFL Science 28 Jan 2020
    A team of experts from National Museums NI, University of Manchester, Queen’s University Belfast, and Kingsbridge Private Hospital carried out a series of X-ray scans and DNA analysis over a period of several months in order to determine how the woman died ... The 2,600-year-old mummy is adorned with turquoise-colored beads. Ulster Museum ... Ulster Museum....

    TBI Director appoints David Rausch to presidential commission

    Knoxville Daily Sun 28 Jan 2020
    Barr to the Presidential Commission on Law Enforcement and the Administration of Justice. On October 28, 2019, President Donald J ...   ... Barr ... At these events, the Commission will hear from subject matter experts, public officials, private citizens, and other relevant stakeholders and institutions who can provide valuable insight into these issues....

    Senators worry new polices may hinder non-citizen servicemembers naturalization process

    Federal News Radio 28 Jan 2020
    To listen to the Federal Newscast on your phone or mobile device, subscribe in PodcastOne or Apple Podcasts ... Case in point ... (House Veterans Affairs Committee) The Office of Management and Budget has thrown down the gauntlet to public and private sector experts to bring ideas to help the government modernize its acquisition supply chain ... Eric White ... ....

    Turkey behind government cyberattacks

    Middle East Online 27 Jan 2020
    The broader series of attacks is ongoing, according to the officials as well as private cybersecurity investigators ... The hackers used a technique known as DNS hijacking, according to the Western officials and private cybersecurity experts ... experts who have studied the attacks....